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Marriage & Family Therapy

San Diego Teen Therapist offers specialised services targeted primarily at teenagers. However, in our effort to address greater sections of public, we have introduced marriage and family therapy for couples. We believe that marriages are meant to last for the benefit of a couple and their children. Our MFTs (marriage and family therapists) are trained psychotherapists operating under licence from the State of California.

Therapists empanelled with us are either Doctorates or Master degree awardees in psychology and counselling and have completed at least three thousand hours doing supervisory services. These therapists are essentially relationship specialists and practitioners of mental health. They are specially trained to assess and address marital problems. After spending several hours in diagnosis and counselling, our therapists offer workable options for bringing back a strained relationship back to normalcy. We feel many of these marital discords are due to reasons that are either avoidable or ignorable. Our MFTs through extended hours of counselling help in identifying areas of strain in a marital relationship and resolve them.

Couples seek our marriage therapy services for either strengthening relationships or overcoming difficult situations. There are many who take pre-marital counselling from us for a better nuptial life. We have identified certain specific areas that might cause a stress in wedded life and ways of resolving them.

Communication problems – Lack of communication between partners is a potential cause of marital discord. There should not be any communication gap between partners. Decisions of any kind should be made in unison particularly when they involve both partners and their children. Ideally, each partner should be aware of the other’s plans, aspirations and long term goals. Regular talking and exchanging of ideas is a healthy habit and is encouraging between married partners. Our marriage and family therapy specialists often work as bridge in this communication process when strained ties need to be mended.

Conflicts about rearing children – It has been found that a rift emerges in a family after the birth of a child. Bringing up a child from birth till adolescence is a demanding task and requires involvement of both parents. If any of the partners is against accepting responsibilities of rearing a chid then strains are bound to appear. Rearing a baby is a joint responsibility and both parents should be equally involved in this process.

Conjugal difficulties – Conjugal incompatibility is a notable reason for marital problems. There could be a mismatch in sexual behaviour of partners which when bred over time could lead to trouble. An open and uninhibited discussion could be a feasible way of overcoming such a problem.

Infidelity – Infidelity is a serious reason for marital disharmony. This breeds mistrust between partners and could even lead to separation and divorce. Our marriage therapists could help you in overcoming this unwanted trait thereby enabling to lead a happy married life.

Addiction – Consumption of drugs, excess alcoholism or indulgence in any harmful activity like gambling to the extent of addiction is a pertinent cause for marriage break-ups. We assist you in dealing with these issues so that your wedded life is not put under strain.

Our marriage and family therapy service is aimed at bringing back harmony and joy back to your marital life. For us, human relationship is of supreme importance and we strive to preserve that at all costs.